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Green and White football scarf
Resistenza Infinita Ce chant parle de la rage du virage d...

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Green and White football scarf

KAC de Kenitra

11758 Resistenza Infinita

This song talks about rabies of "helala boys ", the fidelity of the fight and resistence and especially to be anything that can harm the progress of a club

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Song Lyrics

Vamos, vamos, vamos, verde,
Ahora La Fiesta Randiroooo,
Vamos, vamos, vamos, verde,
La Banda Loca Llegadooo ...
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Mueve La Bandera Bianco Verde,
Jinakom Kil 3ada Para Alentaaar,
N' Sacrifiiiie Wnsupporté Bla Fièrtéé,
Avanti Ya L' Wlaad Para Ganaaar...

F' 79o9na Golna Jamais Nsam7oo,
B' Noor L' 3a9lia Wla GRINTA,
N' 7arbo L' Fasad W Répresion,

Daléooo Daléoooo,
é Dalé Dalé Daléooo,
Daléooo Daléoooo,
é Dalé Dalé Daléooo...

Submitted by younes9110

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